Palo Santo Bundle

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Palo Santo provides protection against negativity. It also raises vibrational frequency, calms anxiety, inspires creativity, and reduces insomnia. 

Benefits of Using Palo Santo:


  • Removes negative energy
  • Drives away mosquitoes and insects
  • Disinfects air
  • Used for relaxing the mind and body.

My Palo Santo wood is 100% natural, no trees or forest are harmed to gather these sticks. Use these sticks to purify objects, homes, offices, & self. Just burn the tip and blow the stick, let the smoke of this "Holy Wood" do the magic.

Bundle includes 3 Palo Santo sticks.

More Details:

  • Size: approx. 3-4" long per stick

*Sizes will vary*
*This item is not intended to prevent, heal, or treat a medical condition or disease.*