Dragon's Blood Sage Smudge Stick

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This Dragon's Blood Sage smudge stick is perfect for purifying a space and casting a shield of protection around the userHandmade with mountain sage and dragon's blood resin from the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia, this smudge bundle is hand-tied ready for ritual use.

Many people don't know that dragon's blood is actually a fragrant resin of old-growth, old-world trees from India and Sumatra. Its natural red pigment and distinct earthy fragrance have made it sought-after by incense makers, perfumers, and traditional dye-makers.

More Details:

  • Size: approx. 3-4" long per stick

*Sizes will vary*
*Abalone Shell (pictured) sold separately*
*This item is not intended to prevent, heal, or treat a medical condition or disease.*